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do good ron-ron: artest to sell championship ring for charity

As a Boston Celtics fan, the non-Clippers LA basketball team is the last hoops organization I want to see win a championship. But last night, at the hope-springs-eternal-start of this new season, I was reminded that there is one tiny, itty-bitty silver lining amidst the immense darkness that is the Staples Center: Ron Artest is one of the players who received a ring for said championship. A ring he is selling via raffle, to donate the proceeds to charity.

“I’m never going to put it on,” Artest remarked of his first and only championship ring.

After the horrific ending of Game 7 last year, Artest surprised fans by thanking his therapist. Then he visited a local middle school with the co-chair of the Congressional Mental Health Caucus, Rep. Grace Napolitano, “to call for passage of federal legislation and encourage students to reach out to a health-care worker is they need.”

Tonight, on Larry King, he’s auctioning off his ring “as a fundraiser to put more psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in schools.”

Huh?  Continue reading

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dork is the new cool: billy wimsatt’s please don’t bomb the suburbs

Everyone’s favorite former graffiti-writing college-dropout hip-hop journalist-turned-youth organizing-non-profit co-founder and executive director is back with Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs: A Midterm Report on My Generation and the Future of Our Super Movement. For William “Upski” Wimsatt, author of the underground classics Bomb the Suburbs and No More Prisons, his newest offering just may be his best yet.

Here’s my review of Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs, which ran in Counterpunch earlier this week.



Like you, I was unbelievably excited to hear that Billy Wimsatt was coming out with a new book.

Like you, reading his other books were life-changing experiences. No More Prisons and Bomb the Suburbs helped define and encase my self-education and overall thinking throughout my twenties. Their topics, their tone, their vision, their possibility, their informality.

And like you, I balked when I heard the new book’s title: Please Don’t Bomb The Suburbs. The air out of my excited, inflated balloon.

Please don’t bomb the suburbs? What the? Please. don’t. bomb. the. suburbs. Each word seemed to stand on its own, a monument of disappointment to my expectations. Please? Who says please in a book title?! And then continues to put a big Don’t in front of the title of his original book, which was an outright underground classic? It even looks that way on the book cover. His breakthrough graffiti-style Bomb The Suburbs stamped out with a huge PLEASE DON’T. Like he’s reforming himself. The middle-aging bureaucrat censoring the youth activist he once was. Who is this guy? This joker? This poser? What a dork. Sell-out! The usual affronts to my overly sensitive sensibility rattled themselves off in my brain. Sometimes, most of the time, it’s all too easy to be critical, judgmental, self-important, delusional.

I journeyed to my local bookstore armed with a very comfortable amount of skepticism and picked up Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs, ready to be disappointed, let down. Another cult hero turns mainstream. Another shining example of intentionality negated by reality’s circumstance.

Read on …

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bill maher for trust fund kids

“If you won’t save our richest 1 percent, who will?” – Bill Maher

Great question, from Bill Maher’s mock-commercial/PSA to repeal the estate tax, and grant tomorrow’s wealthy elite their full inheritance today.

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buyer beware: the anti-american red rage of liverpool fc

It appears that John Henry’s New England Sports Ventures, the ownership group of one of America’s most beloved baseball teams, the Boston Red Sox, is about to purchase one of England’s and Europe’s most beloved football (soccer to us on this side of the pond) teams, Liverpool FC. One can only hope, for the sake of both the fanatical fans of Liverpool and for Mr. Henry and his ownership team, that the intrepid American businessman and franchise owner has done his homework. Because the recent owners of Liverpool FC, also American, including (former Texas Rangers owner) Tom Hicks, have succeeded in nothing but attracting the rapturously righteous hatred of Liverpool fans worldwide.

It has gotten so bad that Mike Jefferies, Liverpool native, die-hard club supporter, and Hollywood writer and director (you can thank him for the Goal! trilogy), has just released this “Dear Mr. Hicks,” open-letter-style video, from fans to the for-the-moment-still-stubborn-team owner. Jefferies is hoping the video will go viral. To help him out, you can view the video below.  Continue reading

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sue vs. shue vs. skeptical tv viewers everywhere

Another episode of Glee, and another slew of commercials/PSAs that fool me into paying attention, only to realize the crew is just acting out a(nother) piece for something called The Member’s Project, which apparently, is bankrolled by American Express. The commercial urges us to go online and take a quiz to see if we are a (Mr.) Shue (ie an idealistic do-gooder) or a Sue (Sylvester) (ie a heartless wretch).

Not quite sure if I’m annoyed or intrigued, and immediately skeptical of any big-brand company (especially one in the credit/banking industry) urging others to “do good,” I check out this Member’s Project thing. And in the process I rediscover the Patagonia/Members Project add (featuring company founder Yvon Chouinard) which aired last spring during the Oscars, and caught my attention for similar skeptical vs. hopeful reactions to its viewing.  Continue reading

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