rachel maddow calls out chicago cubs owners

During the Debunktion Junction segment of her show last night, Rachel Maddow noted that the Ricketts family, who own not just the Chicago Cubs, but also their home, Wrigley Field, “are emerging as real players in the anti-spending advocacy world.” And that the senior Ricketts family member has extensively funded groups “crusading against government spending,” such as the Ending Spending Fund, and Taxpayers Against Earmarks.

However, in the case of Wrigley Field, as the Windy City Watch reports, the anti-government family is seeking $300 million in tax revenue to renovate Chicago’s beloved ballpark. So, in effect, the Ricketts family is hoping to take $300 million, allocated by the goverment from Illinois taxpayers, and then use those government-mandated millions to fund anti-government spending advocacy groups. Which seems a bit inconsistent, if not plain outright hypocritical.

Or, as John V. Moore noted in his post for the Windy City Watch, “The Ricketts’ family is a perfect example of [the] so called fiscal conservatives who gin up the outrage against government spending while at the same time using corporate welfare to increase their profit margins.”

At least Maddow’s segment had me humming Conjunction Junction to myself for the remainder of the night.

The section on the Ricketts family’s janus-faced, self-serving assessment of government spending starts at 2:15 in the video below.




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