office supplies for non-profit philanthropy!

Need some paper, staples, or pink, square, sticky-notes, but don’t want to stress about supporting a (dreaded) big box store? Look no further, Give Something Back Office Supplies is here!

As our friends over at Bolder Giving noted via their recent Facebook post, “Some businesses aim for more than just the bottom line.” Every year, office supply store Give Something Back “donates their profits to the causes that their customers vote for … sometimes donating as much as 75% of profits!”

What? Impossible.

“Over 19 years, Give Something Back has donated almost $5 million dollars in profits back to amazing nonprofits,” their website proudly proclaims.

Sound crazy? Check it out for yourself, buy a highlighter or two, and vote for the non-profit organization you most want to support.

Democratic consumerism, ethical business practices, and sustainably-funded non-profits. Oh my!


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