look out! here comes the progressive tax organizing campaign!

From Wisconsin to Capitol Hill to the National Football League, issues of economic equality are abundant these days.

Seems like everyone is intent on looking out for their own best interest, with little (to no) thought of whether or not their individual gain might be someone else’s loss, let alone how all of it fits together for the benefit, or detriment of our society. But thankfully, there are some folks who, working together, are trying to change that.

Resource Generation and Wealth for the Common Good are two standout organizations that organize and support wealthy folks who want to take a stand, speak out, and change the economic system from which they benefit. And they’ve recently joined forces (“Wonder twin powers activate! Form of …” a more just economy for all!) to create a Progressive Tax Organizing Campaign! Right now (deadline April 1) they are accepting applications from those who wish to become a member of the Progressive Tax Organizing Team, which will be spearheading this exciting, and most needed project. The “group will engage in a collective study on taxes, build storytelling, media and campaign skills, and work together to hone and launch a campaign.”

Want more information? Check out their Progressive Tax Campaign webpage.

Peace, love and tax justice for all …



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2 responses to “look out! here comes the progressive tax organizing campaign!

  1. I would definitely like to see more people talking about progressive tax.

    I looked at these websites and they look a bit vague, however…are they taking specific stances on progressive tax? I have lately written a lot about taxes on my website, and I have come out in support of progressive taxation, not just from traditional perspectives, but because I see it as a more sustainable form of taxation, drawing an analogy to hunting and ecology.

    Have you written any specific posts about progressive tax, from the policy / economics perspective? I’d be curious to read them.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Alex. And they are supporting progressive taxation in a more philosophical way, at this point. But other folks have come up with more specific proposals. You could check out the Wealth for the Common Good link, at right. Also, Rep. Schakowsky, of Illinois, introduced a millionaire’s tax earlier this year (https://affluentangst.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/no-joke-introducing-the-millionaires-tax/), and I wrote an op-ed about tax cuts for the wealthy last year (https://affluentangst.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/stop-thief-tax-cuts-for-wealthy/), and then there’s this post which links to a few other folks working on it, too (https://affluentangst.wordpress.com/2011/04/18/so-much-for-death-and-taxes/).

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