us uncut vs. bank of america

Nothing unites and divides Americans quite as effectively as the issue of taxes. We’re in agreement in not wanting to pay taxes. But completely divided as to who should have to pay.

Emerging non-profit upstart US Uncut has recently made waves picking a fight with one of the most egregious tax evaders out there: Bank of America. Why? Because, despite getting a handy dandy tax-payer-funded bank bailout, Bank of America has made a habit of not paying its taxes, and it looks like they are planning on doing the same for this April 15’s national un-holiday.

This Saturday (March 26), US Uncut is organizing a massive day of action. There are Bank of America franchises just about everywhere. So there’s a good chance there will be some good ol’ American protesting happening at a Bank of America branch near you.

Check it out, consider moving your money to another bank, and spread the word …



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  1. also see these recent stats, from chuck collins and the institute for policy studies, on tax dodging corporations:

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