quote of the intermittent time period VII

More from Stephen Duncombe’s Notes From Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture:

“There is something about the critique of and resistance to consumption that fails to command respect. Unlike challenges to the quantity and quality of work – which have a long and noble history embedded in working-class struggle – the critique of consumption seems a privilege of the privileged. With so much of the world desperate to become part of the consuming public, the idea of criticizing consumerism or voluntarily doing without such products seems absurd. But we live in a strange world today, where in the United States at least, poverty does not mean being locked out of the consumer dream. People may not be able to afford decent housing, education, or health care; but the latest sneakers, video games, and soft drinks are within the reach of all but the poorest citizens. Consumption has been democratized.” – Stephen Duncombe


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