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inside job: everything you ever wanted to know about the economy but were afraid to ask

I finally watched the (Oscar-winning) documentary Inside Job, “the first film to expose the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008” (that continues today). The film’s conclusion (spoiler alert!): we have a “Wall Street government,” and have since the 1980s, which disproportionately serves the beneficiaries of the financial sector, often at the (very literal) expense of everyone else.

While I had been meaning to watch Inside Job for a while, something always delayed me from doing so. Now that I’ve watched it, I realize what it is: the disturbing reality of our embedded “financial-industrial complex,” which, unfortunately, has not changed at all under the Obama Administration.

As the film’s writer, director and producer Craig Ferguson notesContinue reading


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sampling robin hood

I watched the Disney version of Robin Hood again last weekend. I haven’t seen the new Robin Hood movie yet, but it seems that the ideas of the Robin Hood story are everywhere these days, from debates between the Left and Right to claim the legend as their own, to re-imagining various scenarios of taxation and economic reality. Here’s a sampling:

1.) Rise Up Economics urges Progressives to use the opportunity of the new Robin Hood movie release, not to mention the anti-taxation Populism of the Tea Party Movement, to create a vision of Robin Hood Economics, not unlike the shared economic wealth that is distributed among citizens of Alaska (in this respect, more than living up to its motto as The Last Frontier):

“The state of Alaska has had a successful experience for 26 years providing an equal dividend from its oil revenues to all residents living there for a year or more. It has helped make Alaska the state with the most economic equality in the nation. There they have applied a key idea of one of the intellectual leaders of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine: the right of everyone to participate in the wealth of the nation.”  Continue reading

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